5 Ways to be Thankful Year Round!

Now that Thanksgiving--in its gluttonous glory--has come and gone, why do we have to stop recognizing the many people and experiences that contribute to our crazy beautiful lives? I've compiled a little list today whilst in my death bed. (Almost not joking, i have pneumonia) Take a look and be grateful for the many things … Continue reading 5 Ways to be Thankful Year Round!


5 Tips to Cheap Weekend Trips

Wowza, how have 10 months passed since packing all of my belongings in the back of my Mini Cooper and moving across the country?! I have officially moved 8 times is the last three years. I was born in the Coachella Valley and after a year long stint I had the opportunity to move to … Continue reading 5 Tips to Cheap Weekend Trips

In the geekiest, inner-most corners of my mind, I’m fighting the urges to burst out into song and sing, “24601” but, I think I’ll spare you from the “Les Mis” mantra, just this once. Although, similar to Jean Valjean, I have experienced things: none nearly as dramatic as living a life on the run from … Continue reading